An ideal school in a remote rural area

A neat building with iron grills along the compound, Upper Primary School, Chinna Kanjarala, Patancheru Mandal has the look of a private school in a city. But this school is in a small village about 12 kms from Patancheru. Every child is dressed neatly with clean uniforms and high discipline is in the air here. This transformation was made possible by the current Head Mistress, T. Laxmi.

In July 2012, when Laxmi was appointed as the Headmistress, she found that the strength of the school was very low and also many parents preferred to send their children to private schools nearby. Laxmi then decided to make the school interesting and attract parents to enrol their children.

model-school-patencharuFirstly, she analysed the villagers with regards to their occupation and background. Most of them are somewhat nomadic and relocate their base very often. She realised that these people were not serious about their children’s education and sent them to school only as a standby until they moved to another place. Hence there was instability in the attendance of the children.

Laxmi then went around the village with a few teachers and created awareness about education and its importance. During the past year, she took up many initiatives including an Annual Day celebration which motivated the parents to send their children to this school. Impressed by the proactive nature of the Head Mistress and dedication of the teachers, parents started sending their kids to school. Today, the school has strength of 150 students in Chinna Kanjarala.

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